Monday, January 12, 2015

Party // Winter Wonderland Party

Last week I helped organize and throw a Winter Wonderland Party at my children's school.

sorry about the pink tinge, I went crazy with my VSCO phone app.

The main event? The dessert table and hot chocolate bar!

Considering that this party was for 100 elementary school kids and we pulled it off with 5 days of planning… I have to say that this party was a SUCCESS!

melted snowman :D

That said, I don't think I've ever been so happy to see a party over and done with. Phew!

fixings for the hot chocolate bar

And we did it all with a $300 budget. We came in under-budget actually… Not too bad!

build a snowman craft
 1) these edible markers worked great on the marshmallows;
2) the scarves were these fruit rollups that were left in their wax wrapper & cut into strips (don't use foot long);
3) to attach the "hat" we used these icing pouches with built-in tips. easy and no mess.;
4) these 6-inch long "cake pop" sticks were perfect for holding everything together.

Talk about stressing out though!  I guess I could've planned ahead and worked on it during Winter Break, but seriously, and I hate it when people say this but… "Who's got time for that!".

sensory snow tables

I started planning on Monday, hit the stores on Tuesday & Wednesday, prepped on Thursday, party on Friday.
other indoor activities - links can be found on my Pinterest Winter Wonderland Page
1) make snowflakes out of coffee filters
2) three sensory snow tables
3) marshmallow snowman craft
4) edible beads (fruit loop necklaces)
5) coloring table. we also let the kids color the walls since they were covered with white paper.

Thank goodness for the parents who ran the outdoor activities. Because 100 kids coming at you after ingesting a lot of sugar is just… trouble.

outdoor activities - 

"Build a Snowperson" activity (BIG HIT!!!). 
Snowball Relay Races with large spoons and this cool Snowball Fight set.
At the end, it was just a massive "snowball" fight.

We also had a bubble maker (it's uber cheap and still running after 5 years of abuse) for the younger kids. I turned it on and they chased bubbles. Also a Big Hit!

Done. And. Done.

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