Monday, January 25, 2016

Party // Ninja Karate Party

After almost a year-long blog sabbatical, I'm dropping off some photos of my son's Ninja Karate party from last July. Yep, I'm running about 6 months behind. :) I wish I could say that I am back to blogging regularly, but that won't be a possibility for at least 6 more months. And by then, I may have other plans… On a good note, the 3 big projects that I've been working on since last summer are finally coming to fruition. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Phew!

So, here's our 7 year old's Ninja Karate Party. Very simple and easy decorations with big impact!

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Ninja / Karate Birthday Party

cheese ninjas-- babybel cheese, a sharp knife and an edible black food marker

 ninja cups -- "masks" made from white craft paper & a black sharpie. I just glued them on the black cups with tacky glue. I purchased the napkins and black cups from oh happy day!.

Red and black garland from oh happy day!

I made more "masks" for the party bags. I'm not big on all those throwaway party toys, so I purchased t-shirts from the karate studio for each child. My memory is not so sharp these days… I think I threw in some karate-themed fruit snacks too. 

We chowed down on pizza, bbq chicken salad, fruits & veggies and a donut "cake".
The birthday boy was thrilled-- His favorite sport, his friends and his favorite foods. :)

Well, back to it! I guess I should start figuring out what we're doing for Valentine's Day-- we usually try to get creative with our school valentines. Hmmm….