Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Goodness

So I'm a crazy person and signed up to bring "goodies" for 3 Halloween school parties.  I did pretty well for the first 2 parties, but wimped out on the last one.  Ah well, it was only for the adults of Happy Vee's "Mommy and Me" class-- Lipton's Onion soup mix dip with Ruffles with Ridges, anyone?

So for the first party I was told "not too much sugar".  This is the preschool that gives Smarty Pants saltines and water for snack, so I pretty much knew that the teachers wouldn't be too happy if I loaded the kids up with a bunch of sugar then ran far, far away.  So I thought, Rice Krispy treats aren't too bad... at least there's cereal in them... part of the food pyramid, right?  But I had to make them a little bit fun for the kiddos...  Whah-lah!

Amazing what a little food coloring & popsicle sticks can do!

For the 2nd party, sugar wasn't an issue, but allergies are abundant.  I could work around the fish allergy, but the "no nut facility", no flour, no egg, no sesame seed, no milk... no wonder no one wanted to bring snack!  I finally decided on Oreos... because apparently there is nothing real in Oreos to be allergic to.   I'm kidding (I think??).   A couple of the kids with restricted diets brought there own snacks, so I had a little leeway with the white chocolate coating...

Double Stuffed Oreos + Wilton's Orange Candy Melts + Halloween Sprinkes + Popsicle Stick = Fun & Yummy!

I also made these babies.  Didn't really need to, but these are my All-Time favorite and I really wanted an excuse to eat them... Oops, I mean, an excuse to "make" them...

Who knew caramel could be so pretty?  I could've made it from scratch, but I cheated...Just unwrap a bag of caramel candies & melt them in the microwave.

Chilling in the Refrigerator

And finally, a coat of Wilton's white chocolate... divine!