Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Make // Pineapple Gold Leaf Bowl

I wasn't going to jump onboard the "pineapple decor" bandwagon. But then, on our trip to Kauai, I saw this 1970's designed pineapple bowl while perusing the Tourist Section at Walmart. You know that section? The one that all the locals avoid? I was fearless and risked my reputation for this!! I kid. Sorta… Anyhow, for 5 bucks, I figured I could indulge the trend.

BTW, this bowl is made from pine, not pricey koa or monkey pod that some of the vintage pieces are made from. So while this pineapple bowl brings me back to the time of avocado shag carpet and orange formica… aah memories… I'm clearly someone who enjoys living in this century, and had no problem updating it with a little paint and bling.

My only struggle was deciding on a design…  Should I paint it on the diagonal? White with gold polka dots? Paint it all? Leave some wood showing? Gold leaf?

Eventually Gold Leaf won out. I have a gold leaf kit that's been hiding-out in my craft supplies for the past year or two. Truth be told, gold leaf can be a little tricky to work with, so I put off using it until I had the time and patience. Well, last week I had the time and patience-- woot! Here's how my first attempt at gold leafing turned out.

Click "Read more" for the tutorial

Thursday, August 21, 2014

This Week // 8.21.2014

We are back from our annual trip to Oregon. It was eleven days of amazing. We spent 7 days in Portland and 4 days in Central Oregon. This wasn't a super fancy or highly planned out trip, but it was perfect for us-- Quality time with great friends and many, many children… nine in all! And those nine kids (7 boys, 2 girls) got along splendidly. We hung out a lot, bbq'd a lot, played a lot. It was just what we needed.

Now we're home and the back to school, back to routine, back to work, back to everything, is in full swing. It's all good though. This has been one of the best summers on record for us. It's a combination of the kids being a little older (no nap schedules to adhere to, no major meltdowns) and also me being better at planning and finding the right mix of busy and downtime. Ah summer...

So, besides laundry, here's what's going on this week--

You know those tees and sweatshirts with French saying? I still like 'em.

Oh dear, dear, dear… They one-upped cookie butter. Already on my shopping list.

I think it's inane to worship athletes and celebrities, but I'm okay with my kids looking up to this humble guy. A good read for the 8+ crowd. This is the kids' edition, but there's also one for teens/adults.

After a decade of being a strictly pants kinda gal, I'm ready for a change. I may have found the perfect skirt-- not too frumpy, not too frilly. Just right.

You're looking for a Natural Dyes Chart, right? Sure you are. This one is cute and useful for a future project.

I've always wondered what to do with these drawers. Now I know.

Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe? I always feel better when I simplify… Consider me intrigued.

Fall shoes… Oooh. Currently 20% off.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

This Week //8.14.2014

abstract pillows via art pillow | available on etsy

We are hanging with our besties and having a relaxing, carefree week… Well as relaxing as it can be with 7 kids under the age of ten! Luckily they all get along really, really well. Which probably isn't all that unusual considering that us parents (well, 3 out of 4) have known each other since 9th grade. These days I really appreciate our childhood friends. If these relationships can weather puberty, teenage whims, and the unpredictable 20's, they can pretty much make it through anything!

Here are some things I liked this week--

Cute bootie alert!

I don't like frosting. But I still have a sweet tooth. This nekkid cake may be just the thing.

Did you ever wish that you could create a Water Color Map with a snap of your fingers? Just enter your location. Done.

Tips for planning an Epic Road Trip. Unless we're driving at night, my kids can't survive past 1.5 hours. Saving for later.

Do you collect fonts? These are pretty darn cute.

Apparently Instagram selfies take A LOT of work.

Among other things that we're updating in our house, we need to install and change-out some ceiling lights. I'm digging this round-up of lighting fixtures.

This may be THE perfect jacket for Fall.

Happy *almost* Weekend!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Eat // Dutch Oven Savory Pork Roast

I've been a slacker blogger lately (there. I said it!) and I actually couldn't remember if I shared this recipe already. So I had to search my own blog. Pitiful. 

Anyhow, it turns out that I haven't already shared this recipe and it's about time that I did!

I love easy. I love healthy. I love anything that makes my eyes roll back in my head as I stuff my face between sighs. This pork roast just does it for me. And my hubby and boys agree.

I love it when that happens because I am not a short-order cook… and I get annoyed when one kid likes white sauce, one kid likes red sauce and I'm supposed to figure it out… pink sauce??

No figuring it out with this one. The only thing I do differently for one kid is give him barbecue sauce instead of gravy.

Someone always has to be difficult special.

Click "Read more" for the recipe

Thursday, August 7, 2014

This Week // 8.07.2014

beautiful sunsets this week…
but thankfully the humidity broke and we're back to dry 80's. phew!

We have a month left of summer break and I feel like time is just speeding by. I find it interesting that many schools have already started or will start within the next week or two. It seems like schools are starting earlier each year… Remember the good o' days when school would start mid or late September? I'm not sure how I feel about school getting out in May and starting in July/August, but all I know is that right now we're not physically or mentally prepared, so I'm grateful for the extra few weeks!

Things I liked this week…

A cool DIY leather-wrapped console table.

Vans are back! Or did they ever leave? I may need these cool kicks. If anything to relive my skateboarding days. ;)

Underwater photography tips.

I'm not really a watch person, but… wow!

Toile… it's making a come-back!

We're finally getting around to doing some home improvements around here. I'm a decorating scaredy-cat so I'm starting with the easiest room-- our guest room. It's getting new charcoal gray drapes and this bedding. It's a start!

After trying on way too many hats-- too floppy, too wide, too summery… I finally found my hat for Fall. It keeps the sun off my face and, although it looks like wool, it's light and airy.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Make // Paper Punch Card

It's been awhile since I've worked on a project, so when my sister-in-law's birthday rolled around, it was the perfect opportunity to create a pretty and simple card.

I used this technique a few years ago for the cover of my journal, and it's one of my favorite projects-- Simple with a little flair.

click "Read more" for the tutorial