Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

I'm not really a "numbers" person, but I've been told that numbers don't lie, so here are our
Top Ten posts of 2010
(according to Google Analytics)

I've been blogging for a year now and it has been a wonderful experience.  I'm still in "blog & run" mode since my young charges demand (and deserve) my full attention, but this little project has become an important part of my personal life.  Having this creative outlet allows me to imagine, motivates me to follow through on projects and encourages me to think outside the box. Thank you so much for reading along and sharing in my little piece of sanity.

See you next year!


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Thursday, December 30, 2010

One Last Christmas Hurrah

I thought I'd sneak in one last Christmas post... you know, before Cinderella turns back into a pumpkin (or however the story goes).

The Christmas ornament restyle was progressing slowly, so I did minimal tree decor this year.  I didn't even add ribbon like I usually do. Actually, the only thing I hung up (or actually clipped on) were the silver and white poinsettias. My mom and the boys hung the rest... which explains why the bottom of the tree is ornament-heavy and the top half is bare in comparison.  Actually the top half was completely bare before The Mister moved a few ornaments above the equator (it's a good thing someone's tall in our house, because the rest of us are vertically challenged and afraid of ladders).  Okay, not really afraid of ladders... just lazy.

So with that rousing intro, here's 
Our 2010 Christmas Tree...

hmmm... didn't even notice that a strand of lights was out in the middle at the equator.
we didn't bother putting presents under the tree... a little elf who likes to tear paper is too easily tempted.

chock-full of photos, handmade & vintage ornaments (they're vintage if they're from the 70's, right?) and souvenirs that we've collected on our travels.
i could never do a "perfect" department store-type tree... i'm way too nostalgic.

So this year's tree did the trick, but next year, we'll pull out the stops... if I ever finish when I finish the ornament restyle project.
I leave you now with a disco-fied photo of our tree.

image achieved by playing with aperture & exposure

We'll be tucking the Christmas stuff  back into their respective boxes today.  I like starting off the New Year fresh.  I can't believe there's just one more day left in 2010!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Inspired by... Snowflakes

This year I was in the midst of a Christmas Decor upcycle (here, here, here), when all of a sudden.... Christmas came and went-- Bam!  Crazy how it often goes like that.  I was going to pack up the "to dos" and leave it for next year when an unexpected inspiration hit me in the form of a snowflake.

Aren't these magnified snowflakes beautiful?
photos via mike & doug starn at 20x200  :: as seen on design mom

So, with good weather on my side, the kids went outside to play and I sat down at our patio table and got to work on some ornament beautification. 

in true snowflake form, no two are alike

I cranked out around 10 of these (and I only dropped one-- yee haw!). They actually look quite nice with the gold background, but since I'm going with a silver & white scheme, I'll hit them up with some glossy white and mirrored silver in the next day or two.

And don't cha like my "ornament stands"?  I originally saw these pretty bottles in October when The Mister and I went out to dinner for our anniversary.  I was planning on asking the waiter for one... then completely forgot.  I must've mentioned it to my Mother-in-law, because the next thing I knew, 3 of these pretties were on my counter-- to know her is to love her... she pays attention to minute details!  Anyhow they're a special edition Pellegrino bottle by Missoni.  Not sure what I'm going to do with 'em, but this will probably be the only time anything Missoni crosses my threshold! :)

Have a lovely Wednesday!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh Martha Monday - New Year's Prep

Some fun (martha-esque) ideas to ring in the New Year...

the details are here

Are you ready for 2011?  I'm still in shock that Christmas has come and gone.  I think I'll be able to refocus once the Christmas decor comes down (sniff). 

Have a happy (and hopefully quiet) Monday!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have a Beautiful Christmas

image via wallcoo

We'll be blog-lite this coming week, but will be back in force for 2011.  Have a fabulous holiday!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fabulous & Creative Christmas Cards

Here are some amazingly creative Holiday Cards that I've discovered in blogland this year...

3-dimensional card via threaded together

 free holiday mailer with tea via brooklyn limestone

another fun idea, card with chapstick via brooklyn limestone

card with "o holy night" reenactment via design mom

i love felt... felt holiday cards via you are my fave

joy photo gallery card via justin hackworth

So our 2010 Christmas card isn't as creative as I would like, but the boys weren't feelin' my initial idea and the best I could get was this...

Here's our attempt at "Peace"...

Then "Joy"...

But, unfortunately, "Love" wasn't working for us that day...

Couldn't get the "Love" right, so I scrapped that idea and then... did nothing.  About a week ago (and after a slight panic attack), I finally ordered our cards and, after a couple of snafus, got them out over the weekend.  Phew!

the "a" looks weird because I photoshopped it in because there was an error on the original proof
i also was shorted envelopes and haven't received my replacements yet...
luckily i happened to have some extras in the right size.
headache aside, i like the design and like to support small businesses when i can

One of these years I will get a photo of the boys together... better yet, a family photo.  One of my to-do's for next year is to find a good family-friendly photographer in our area.  If you know of a good family photographer in the So Cal area, let me know!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gift Wrap Bonanza - Use What You've Got

Are you done with your gift wrapping?  I'm almost done.  I usually HATE wrapping presents, but I have to say that I really enjoyed making wrapping a fun, crafty project this year. Instead of buying new supplies, I decided to use what I already have onhand.  Good for my pocketbook, as well as my conscience.

Here's some of the stuff that I "found" in my craft room:

butcher paper "gift wrap"  ::  2009 ikea gift wrap  ::  grocery bag strips ::  upcycled xmas card tags ::  baker's twine ::  target  bag pom-poms  ::  decorative scissors ::  decorative punches ::  decorative duct tape  (at target for $3.69)  ::  doilies  ::  stiff felt snowflakes  ::  martha stewart gift tags  ::  trader joe's holiday bag "designs" ::  old christmas sheet music strips  ::  scrapbook paper "bows"  :: decorative buttons  ::  hole punch  :: handmade fabric flowers (not pictured)

this was a great decorative "find":  the trader joe holiday bag... fun!

old sheet music & grocery bag strips trimmed with decorative punches

Here's the Gift Wrap Detail: 

Hope you're having a nice and stress-free week!

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