Friday, October 5, 2012

[Make] Creepy Muppet Pumpkin

AKA "How to turn a Craft Fail into a Funky Vampire Pumpkin"

I'm not sure if this project is worthy of inspiration or duplication, but it scared both my kids so it wins in the "Boo!" department.

Since I'm not one to throw away something that I've spent money on, I decided to turn a craft fail into this crazy muppet pumpkin.

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After removing the hot pink yarn and adding more black and gray, all this guy needed was some eyes and vampire teeth (found in our junk drawer) to complete his beautiful mug. The teeth glow in the dark... and yet neither of my boys want this in their room at night. I wonder why?  :)

I have a real project to share with you next.  Promise!  Have a nice weekend!!

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