Monday, July 8, 2013

Upcycle // Cool Jar Series - Part III

Jars, bottles and other recyclables... I have a ton of them and I'm determined to do something with them. So far, some have become colorful translucent vases, others have become photo votives and now I'm down to a bunch of glass spice jars.

I rescued these cute little jars back in January when we were purging my in-laws storage unit. They were still wrapped in their original packaging and had been in storage for over 30 years.  I think they were waiting for me.  :)

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Chalkboard Paint Jar with Mod Melts Embellishment

materials needed:
small jars or other glass vessels
black chalkboard spray paint
clear spray paint sealer
mod melts in milk glass*
mod melt mold* or other silicon mold
strong adhesive that dries clear- I used Tiger Bond
removable tape - I used washi tape

*available at Michaels Stores

1). Gather the jars that you'd like to transform.

2). Hit them up with a couple coats of chalkboard paint until you're happy with the coverage. To prevent drips, be patient and apply the spray paint lightly. Wait several minutes before applying another coat.

3). To prevent chipping, you may also want to apply a coat of clear spray paint sealer. Skip this part if you're planning on drawing on it with chalk.

4). While you're between coats of spray paint, start making your  embellishments. Pop in a mod melts stick into your mini hi-temp glue gun. When it's heated up, fill the mold. Don't be afraid to "get in there" with the nozzle so that the melted material gets into all of of the tiny spaces. Wait 10 minutes then pop them out of the mold. If needed, you can clean up the embellishment with a craft knife or a small, sharp pair of scissors.

5. When the spray paint is completely dry (I waited overnight), it's time to attach the embellishments. Use a strong adhesive. I used washi tape to hold it in place. When the adhesive is dry and clear, remove the tape.

There you have it... Cute little chalkboard bud vases. I suppose you could draw on them, but I kinda like the clean, matte look.

I think these would also look great in a medium blue chalkboard/matte paint.... sorta like a grecian wedgewood collectible? Mmmmm.... or maybe not. ;)  These are very simple and an easy way to glam-up some glass vessels that you may already have on hand.