Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We've been recovering from a rather crazy couple of weeks-- ear infection, pacifier cessation- aka: Operation Binky Removal, toddler defiance (Smarty Pants) and teething/sleeping woes (Happy Vee), so I put off even thinking about our Easter get-together until the very last moment. I'm so happy to say that our simple Easter lunch turned out perfectly and even I got to relax and enjoy spending time with our extended family.

On the Menu -
  • Honeybaked Ham from Trader Joe's- Just heat it up, add the glaze and bake for 10 minutes. They even cut it for you, so you really can't go wrong. It was so yummy and easy! I'm not a huge ham person, but something about those thinly sliced pieces with a touch of sweet just hit the spot!
  • Grandma Tee's Oyster Sauce Ribs- Already cooked and marinated, so we just fired up the grill to heat them up. They were fall-off-the-bone tender and so tasty!
  • Asparagus Straws- Asparagus wrapped in proscuitto and filo dough with a sprinkle of parmesan. So tasty and Daddy Vee's favorite appetizer.
  • A simple green salad.
  • Baklava - made with the leftover filo dough. Hands down one of my favorite desserts!
  • Fudge Crunch Cake from Baskin-Robbins, a Vee family favorite.

At the very, very last minute I put together a mini-egg hunt for Smarty Pants in our backyard. It helped curb a bad case of the whines and the Grandparents and Aunties were entertained by his antics.

I also made these easy Easter Baskets for the ladies (filled with chocolate, of course!). Pretty darn cute, eh? The instructions can be found here--