Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Week // 4.17.2014

I haven't worn a skirt like this in years… This one is HOT!

24 people apply for the world's toughest job… If you haven't seen this yet. You must!

I already bought our easter egg dye kits, but maybe next year I'll dye some eggs blue the organic way.

Eyelet dresses are usually *too sweet* for my taste. But this one, in black, is the exception… Va-voom! Plus it's currently 40% off…

This reminds me of the seventies, but lately I've been intrigued by these wooly tapestries. Perhaps they aren't as scary without the avocado shag carpet and orange laminate countertops?

Do you ever do "art therapy" as a form of relaxation-- Like coloring mandalas or knitting? I love this idea of creative meditation while making washi tape art.

Did you see the Blood Moon earlier this week? If not, there's another chance to see one later this year. We had a great view from our home, but I only got one *slightly* decent photo of the partial eclipse. I have a regular camera with a regular lens so none of the photos of the total eclipse turned out. It was an eerie sight and worth staying up late for.

Have a cool weekend!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Eat // Our Favorite Salsa

My kids are on Spring Break this week, but with weather in the high-80's, it feels like summer! We've been enjoying a lot of time in the backyard, swimming and playing basketball. By afternoon, we're usually parched and in need of a quick pick-me-up. One of our favorite afternoon treats is freshly made salsa and chips. This is a really simple recipe that packs in a lot flavor with just a few wholesome ingredients. And you should be warned… Once your family has salsa fresca, it's hard to go back to the store-bought variety.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

This Week // 4.11.2014

Happy Weekend! It's officially Spring Break for us-- Two whole weeks of unstructured activities. We're doing a staycation in Los Angeles and plan on visiting a bunch of places in the city that we hardly ever get to. Nothing's set in stone, but we'll probably be spending time in Hollywood, Universal City, Santa Monica and Palm Desert. We're all in need of a break from the regular routine and are looking forward to rediscovering our hometown.

Here's a few things that caught my attention this week…

Great advice for everyone… not just the kids!
print via The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy, available on Etsy

I was making my favorite salsa, but couldn't find any limes at the market and had to substitute with lemons… Now I know why!

I'm not really a girly-girl, but sometimes you just need a good fit & flare dress. Unfortunately this would probably be overkill for my usual weekend activity-- Sitting on the bleachers watching my kids play ball. Sigh.

Have you ever heard of using black pepper to stop bleeding? Consider me amazed. I'm not a klutz (really!!!) but I'm prone to freak injuries. **Knock on wood** The only limb that hasn't been injured is my left arm. **Knock on wood**. Yep, I'm keeping this nugget on file.

If I was compelled to actually make an Easter craft this year, it would look something like this.

My research for the week-- The best Petite bras for Petite boobs. After hours of grueling research, here are my scientific finds… Add A SizePush It Up… Contour. Compelling stuff, I know…

My favorite cooking tool now comes in MATTE??? So pretty...

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Round-Up // Easter Egg Projects

I have NOT got my head around Easter this year. I haven't even made any Easter projects like in years past. About the only thing I've done is buy eggs. Speaking of which… Can you believe I've never dyed eggs with my kids before? Since they're almost 6 and almost 8, I think they're ready for their first vinegar-infused, egg-dyeing experience. The smell of boiling vinegar just brings back memories-- I think the vinegar is boiled... I guess I better read the instructions. My poor kids. ;D

So some major egg-dyeing is on next week's agenda while they're on Spring Break. I'm also hoping some creative inspiration will strike and I can roll out a new Easter project in the next week… We shall see.

In the meantime, here's a round-up of Easter Egg projects from over the years--

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Friday, April 4, 2014

This Week // 4.04.14

watercolor art print via yao cheng design, available on etsy

My latest obsession… Susanna Kearsley novels. They kinda have it all. First you have your typical gothic historical fiction-- English/Scottish characters, old castle/estate, something sinister, a little romance-- And then she throws in Time-travel, Reincarnation, Telepathy and other fun stuff. It gets a little complicated, so I like seeing how it all ends up working out. If you're a fan of Diana Gabaldon's The Outlanders series, these are not of the same realm, but they are well-written and an addictive read. My fave is The Winter Sea… Then The Firebird.

If it has lemon and poppyseed, I will want it. Drool. Slurp. Nom-nom-nom.

We had a cold-snap this week and I've been freezing!  Weather-wimp… I know. To stay warm and hydrated, I've been sucking down gallons of this stuff. The flavor is mild and not sour, which is key for me. After reading about how good it is for you, anti-oxidant properties and all, I've also tried some flavored varieties-- This zulu peach is pretty darn good. And if you like coconut, this one is good too.

Bliss Bloom… Briefs??? And look, a thong version too. They're actually kind of pretty… Only the best for my readers! Creativity happens when you slip on your Bliss Bloom Bloomers. Hah! Every now and then I think about changing my blog name. But now that there's underwear with the same name… It's a keeper.  ;)

You know it's truly Spring when the peonies arrive. I'm hoping they'll be here by the end of this month. In the meantime, these paper ones look amazingly real.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Make // Egg Carton Flower Frame

A couple of weeks ago I transformed some egg cartons into roses. Sound strange? They actually turned out pretty cool-- Go check it out here.

After tossing around a few ideas, I decided to display them on a framed mirror that I picked up a few years ago. I wasn't enamored with the frame's original color (black) or odd shape, but I knew it had potential.

The mirror can easily be removed, which makes this project extra versatile. Here are a few ideas that come to mind… 1) hang as a decorative mirror;  2) or a wreath; 3) or perhaps a flowered tray.

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