Sunday, September 2, 2012

[Make] Disguise an Alarm or Other Electronic Gizmo

I had a hard time coming up with a title for this post. What I'm trying to say is... Cover up that ugly electronic thing that's stuck to your wall in the most unfortunate place.  In our case, the ugly electronic thing is our pool control panel and it's right smack dab in the middle of our family room wall. Not something that I want to gaze at every day so... a little ingenuity to the rescue.

So the eyesore is covered up, but you're probably wondering how we can easily access our pool controls without removing the artwork?

Hinges to the Rescue!

Find some canvas art that you like...
for perspective, this canvas artwork is 24x32 inches.

Then attach the hinges.
We felt that three 1-1/2 inch hinges make the "cover" sturdy enough to be opened frequently without compromising the artwork or drywall. Screw the hinges into the artwork first.  Then figure out where you want it on the wall, do your calculations, mark the spots where the screws should go, and screw it into the wall.  The last few steps are a 2-person job.

a little peek...

opened up all the way...

and closed...

So our pool is functional, our pool controls are under-cover and it's Labor Day weekend... Guess what we've been doing?



and there was some actual swimming too.

We still have landscaping to do and a patio cover to finish up, so I'll share more backyard photos when everything is done.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. great idea. also could use an old book, you could cut out the pages and back cover the size of the object that you want to cover(cut it a tee bit biger)then you cover the front and sides with a family picture or any picture, then when you hang it.Hang it so that the "spine" of the book is on top and then the front of the book would fall closed. or you could do it upright and put a little latch or magnet to hold it closed.then hang other pictures around it and you have a picture wall.
    hope i made sense.
    love your picture!

    1. That makes a lot of sense and is a great idea! It'd be really neat way to showcase a vintage or favorite book too... well, one that you don't mind cutting up. :) Have a nice week! ~Melanie

  2. great idea! i've seen this done before, and i think doing this to something you barely use/glance at is definitely the way to go.

  3. What an absolutely ingenious idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing at the Blackberry Vine! Can't wait to see what you've got in store for this week!

  4. LOVe this idea! I think I might need to make a few of these!

  5. To anyone reading this: DO NOT use this idea to cover a thermostat! Your thermostat senses the temperature of the air around it, and that is what triggers the heat or a/c to turn on. Putting it inside of something will stop it from sensing the temperature properly, and you will likely end up being very cold since the electronics inside of the thermostat will make it sense warm when it isn't!

    1. UNLESS... you have a thermostat with a remote sensor.

  6. DON'T DO IT!!! The thermostat has to be in an open area so it can sense the room temperature. If you cover it your heat would rarely come on and AC would stay on too long. If it was something that could be hidden they would be in a closet already.

    1. UNLESS… you have a thermostat with a remote sensor. In my case, it's pool controls. Not an issue. Didn't we already cover this?? LOL!!! :D


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