Saturday, February 19, 2011

Achoo! - Felt Tissue Paper Covers

This year our family is flying through tissue paper. Since school started in September, I don't think we've had a week where someone didn't have a runny nose.  [sigh]  Ah well, hopefully that just means that they are building up some sort of superstar immune system.  In the meantime, I'm thinking of buying some stock in Kleenex...

So now that I'm finally personalizing the kids' space, I thought that the pink box of tissue paper in Smarty Pant's Car Room was looking sadly out of place.  And with my felt-addiction, I thought I could easily make something fun, unbreakable and boy-friendly.

With a little craft felt, upcycled boxes, foam board (for the wheels) and a hot glue gun, this took shape...

Ooh, maybe I should color in the wheels... they look like Oreos!

I'm thinking of adding some text... like "honk if you mean it"... or something nose-related  :)

I also made one for the boys' bathroom.  I'm a little tired of cars, trucks, fish and robots (the typical boy themes), so I think I'm going to go whimsical-- whales, hot air balloons, and such.  I saw these wooden whale tissue covers the other day and was inspired. Since my kids like to carry around their tissue boxes, we can't do wood... but felt works!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!