Sunday, October 23, 2011

[Make] A Cute Spider Costume

This year Smarty Pants knew exactly what he wanted to be for Halloween-- Spiderman!  When I asked his 3 year old brother  what he wanted to be, I expected him to say Spiderman too (he's his brothers little shadow).  However, he insisted that he really wanted to be a spider.  Spider?  I can do that!  So that's how I came to make my first ever Halloween costume.  I think Happy Vee is pretty happy with the outcome.

click "read more" for the tutorial

This costume took me a couple of hours to complete.  Most of my time was spent hand-stitching the spider legs since I used a pair of girls tights and they needed a little reconstruction.  If I had used opaque women's trouser socks though, this costume would've been even quicker to put together.  And it would've been much quicker if I owned a sewing machine!

The cost break down--
spider legs:  opaque tights @ tj maxx for $5 (women's opaque trouser socks would also work)
black cap: $2 at target
black pants: $6 at target
black l/s shirt: $5 at target
googly eyes: @ $2
fabric puffy paint for web (optional).  happy vee really wanted a web, but not necessary if time is limited.
embroidery thread to connect spider legs (optional)
fiberfill for spider legs (optional).  i already had this on-hand.  the legs can be stuffed with any soft material though-- kids socks, tshirt, etc.
happy child?  priceless

Some Action Shots
Please pardon the blur. As you can imagine, it's hard for a 3 year old spider to keep all of his appendages still while being photographed  :)

With help from Spiderman, we got a few keepers...

hey, spidey looks really cool in flip flops!

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