Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Digging for Treasure

The backyard project is coming along swimmingly (I know... pun intended).  It's actually quite amazing how quickly and efficiently the contractors work together... Dancing around each other as one team excavates, while the other twists steel into intricate patterns.  It's an art form.

Although visions of a beautiful backyard dance in our heads, the highlight so far has been some of the found treasures.

fossilized shell--

Since we are over 10 miles inland and 900+ feet above sea level, it's amazing to think that this area was once under the ocean... several million years ago.   

It's possible that this marine dweller (perhaps brachiopod?) was around before mammals...

I love the green and rust colors.  I should clean it up a bit more, but I'm hesitant to do too much.  It's actually quite big, the size of my palm.

snake skin--
My husband found this after the workers left for the day.  I've chased garter snakes out of our garage before and our neighbors have had large rattlesnakes in their backyard... so not exactly shocking.   Luckily this one is pretty small though.  :)


Here's where we're at with the backyard.  I believe an inspection is in order before they can continue further.  

Have a good one!

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