Friday, December 21, 2012

[Make] Stamped Wrapping Paper

Instead of buying a bunch of wrapping paper, this year I decided to invest in a bolt of craft paper-- A ginormous bolt that will literally last a lifetime.  I kept it simple and used stamps, fun tags, twine and pompom yarn to keep it interesting.

I usually dread wrapping presents, but this is kinda fun!

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Stamp it!

The more simple the stamp design, the better.  Also, use an ink pad that has staying power-- I used StazOn, VersaMagic and ColorBox.  Note: ColorBox is more "juicy" & thick than other inkpads. It gives a less uniform look, which I like... but it also takes longer to dry.

Tag & Embellish it!

I used tags that are available for free download from these sites: 

red baker's twine,  black baker's twinepom-pom yarn (fun fun fun!), $ store clips, mini pompoms

Star Wrapped Presents

To make these 12-inch stars, I used this tutorial to make a 5-point star.  However, instead of a 8.5x11 sheet of paper, I used the side of a paper grocery bag to make my star template.  I folded my stamped craft paper in half then cut out the star shape so that the design is on the outside.  I then sewed (I use that term loosely, please excuse my lack of sewing skills!) the stars together until I reached the last two sides.  I then inserted the gift and sewed up the rest of the star.  This is good for a small gift (aka gift card, small tee shirt, scarf etc).  Anything bigger will need a larger star!

I have several more presents to wrap, 2 boys to entertain and a Christmas dinner to plan. What are your weekend plans?

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