Friday, May 16, 2014

This Week // 5.16.14

We're in the middle of another heatwave…  :( My boys have been troopers and had baseball games in the 105+ degree heat… Don't worry, we kept them hydrated and brought out the misters. Anyhow, I'm the dugout mom and our team had the joy of facing directly into the sun.  I could not have survived without this gem. This, sunscreen, sunglasses and a jug of iced water…. Phew!

Gotta love this bulldog and his determination. Not to mention his smarts… Lesser pups would've given up. This video made me smile.

Sand is my arch-nemesis. My kids leave little piles of it at the front door and my husband leaves gritty remnants of it by our kitchen trashcan (he insists this is the best place for pounding the sand out of their shoes). Thankfully I have this happy little guy. Would one with less design work just as well? Probably. But it certainly wouldn't make me smile while doing my chores.

Are you ready for Summer? It's coming up soon!!! So lets talk Retro Bathing Suits. I've coveted several over the years but never took the plunge (literally!). Honestly, I just want something cute that stays in place and makes me feel comfortable. This one fits the bill.

And, since the mention of bathing suits usually goes hand in hand with a countdown to get "ready" for swimsuit season… This woman wants to change the way women view their bodies. I'm on board. What do you think?

Have a nice weekend!!!