Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Party // Minecraft - Free Printables!

As promised, here are the FREE PRINTABLES for a Minecraft Party. If you're looking for all of the party details, click here.

 This Creeper printable will fit nicely around a tall
 2"x4.75" juice box.

And this TNT printable will fit around a 2"x2"x2" box.

Click "Read more" for the Free Printable & Instructions


TNT Favor Box Label - Download FREE PRINTABLE

I made the labels so that they can be wrapped around the center of a 2"x2"x2" box. At the time, I couldn't find translucent boxes at a reasonable price-- which is why I had to cut and paste since the boxes that I used are not perfect cubes. I have since found some clear cubes HERE.

I suggest printing the labels on photo paper and using a paper cutter. I used a hot glue gun to attach the label.

Creeper Juice Box SleeveDownload FREE PRINTABLE

These juice box sleeves will fit a juice box that measures 4.75"x2"x1.5". There are several brands that have juice boxes with these dimensions. I used Hansens and the Trader Joes brand fits as well.

Instructions below...

Instructions for Creeper Juice Box Sleeve:

Download the template and print on photo paper. Cut out the Creeper Template and place it upside down AND face down on a scoring board.

Then score the template at .5", 2.5", 4" and 6". I made it easier for myself by marking the measurements on my scoring board with pencil.

If you don't have a scoring board, just know that each "square" on the creeper measures .25". So you'll make the 1st fold at 2 squares, the next at 8 squares, then 6 squares, and then another 8 squares. Or to make it really easy, the creeper face should be perfectly centered with one square on each side of the eyes. Meh… easier to show than describe.

To streamline the process, I folded all the juice box sleeves first and taped the side with scotch tape. I then removed the straws from the juice boxes (you can leave them on, but then the kids will have to remove the sleeve to get the straw…). I saved the straws and handed them out during the party.

Annnnnddddd… That's a Wrap on the Minecraft Party!