Monday, July 28, 2014

Party // Minecraft - Part 2

I mentioned in a previous post that we were gearing up for a Minecraft Birthday Party. Well that party was this past weekend and I believe the birthday boy and his guests had a great time.

Weather in July is always warm in Southern Cal, so we held the party at an indoor play gym. The kids bounced, slid, jumped and zip-lined to their hearts' content. So basically, there were a lot of sweaty and hungry kids at the end of 2 hours. And those kids were ready to get their Minecraft on!

My youngest LOVES Minecraft so we decided to decorate the party room with all the Creepers, Steves, Mobs and archaic Weapons that we could gather. There aren't a ton of Minecraft decorations out there, so it was a fun challenge for me to make some of my own and also "repurpose" what is already out there.

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Creeper Juice Box Sleeves

You can't have a Minecraft party without creepers… they seem to be the Minecraft mascot. These tall juice boxes (Hansens & Trader Joe's brands both work) are the perfect size. They are easy to assemble and do double-duty as table decorations too.

I made these in Photoshop. [FREE PRINTABLE]

Cupcake Picks

I've been on a Perler Bead kick, so I had fun making these Minecraft Cupcake Picks. They were the perfect accent for the bundtini cupcakes and were a hit with the kids. After the cupcakes were eaten, there was some serious bartering going on.

I made a special cupcake pick for the Birthday Boy with the #6 and a couple of torch-candles. I kinda like those torch-candles... He also had a real candle to blow out.

Here are all of the cupcake picks. Mobs, swords, pick-axes, Creepers, Steve, Mooshrooms… After working on this party, I have to say that I have a better understanding of Minecraft and the wacky cast of characters. I still don't really "get" it, but at least I can sort of hold a conversation about it with my boys.


I did NOT make Minecraft cubes, but bought them from here. Best money spent on party decorations ever. My 6 year old helped fold the many, many cubes. Some were used to spell out his name (it now resides on his dresser) and the remainder were used as table centerpieces. I also threw some "diamonds" on the table. The die-hard Minecrafters were in diamond pick-axe heaven.

I did not get a great photo of the party tables… But imagine this little Minecraft scene in the center of each table. With diamonds… and lots of little hands touching everything.

Here's my one and only table shot. Pretty simple-- craft paper "table cloth", black square plates, green square napkins, a few green & black balloons, creeper juice boxes, "diamonds" & Minecraft papercraft for the centerpieces.

Party Favors

The guests left with these Red Vine "TNT" favors and a small gift card to Pinkberry. I bought the huge container of red vines from Costco and cut the licorice into thirds (2-inch pieces). If you want to skip this part, Australian licorice (my fave) will also work. The boxes measure 2x2x2 inches and were found at a local party supply in the "wedding" section.

The TNT is not exactly a cube (shaped more like a chinese take-out container), so I couldn't just glue down the label in one piece. I made it work by cutting and pasting the label on each side. I just found these cubes online… too bad I didn't see them earlier! [FREE PRINTABLE]

Here's my two sillies in their Minecraft gear (picked up the tee's at Kohl's… on sale! Woot!).

So besides another birthday party that we went to on Saturday, that was pretty much our weekend. I still can't believe that my "baby" is six! *sigh* One day I'll get used to this growing-up stuff.


creeper juice box sleeve - FREE PRINTABLE
TNT 2"x2"x2" label - FREE PRINTABLE
juice boxes - Hansens
cupcake picks - made with Perler Beads and clear peg board
cupcakes - nothing bundt cakes
minecraft papercraft cubes- via amazon
minecraft papercraft animal mobs - via amazon
red vines licorice -  via costco, also here; or my fave, australian licorice
favor boxes - local source, similar here
minecraft Jinx tees- via Kohls, also here (size down!)
minecraft font generator via textcraft

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