Thursday, December 24, 2009

The *!$%?@!?!! Christmas Card

I know I shouldn't curse when it comes to the Christmas card-- seems sacrilegious, I suppose... But seriously, every year I drive myself crazy trying to think of something "original" to do.  "Original" meaning, not posing in front of the fireplace (sorry mom!).  My own fault, I know.

So this year, even though I knew I'd be pushing it with the move and all, plus not having the computer hooked up, plus having to convince the 3-and-under-crowd that it was important to pay attention and follow directions... I just HAD to run with this fabulous idea that I discovered a while ago (years? months?) while surfing the web.  It just made sense since it reflects heavily on the realities of parenting young children.  What's this hubbub she's babbling about you ask?

After a week of hashing it out with Photoshop late into the wee hours and 30-something odd drafts later, I finally finished "the card" just in time to get it out before Santa came a'calling. Well take a look-see...

It definitely could've used a little more tweaking-- i.e. erase shadow behind Smarty Pants, but in the spirit of all things good, I decided to let it go.  Plus, me with no sleep = grouchy mommy.

Wishing You & Yours Loads of Joy & Cheer. Merry Christmas!