Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fun Holiday Foods

I'm not picky, I love almost all food.  And I like food even better when it's presented in a fun or pretty way.

Here are a couple of fun ways to liven up even the most mundane appetizers--

Crudite platter... boring. But crudite arranged like a Christmas Tree, just plain fun!  Okay, I was super busy and asked Dad Tee to take a picture, um, which is why the angle is not quite right.  The white cauliflower (aka snow) should be at the bottom. 

A plate of olives...ho-hum. But olives disguised as penguins with a little cream cheese and some carrot slice accents-- fun!  Would've looked better if I piped the cream cheese, but at least you can tell I didn't buy them. Couldn't keep the kids away, hence the cute, little round eye hovering on the left side of the picture.

Now if I could only convince Smarty Pants to eat my cute, fun food.  That kid makes other picky eaters look like little piggies.  Ah well, I had fun putting it together!