Saturday, April 10, 2010

Non-Crazy Reality Shows - Who Do You Think You Are?

I don't watch much TV- I tend to "DVR" stuff I like, then watch it in my spare time... which is very spare and therefore, priceless. So basically, no time for fluff, cheese or "fake" reality drama.

But if you search around, THERE IS good stuff out there. I've been filling my DVR with some interesting and thought provoking shows.  Here's my latest find~


If you're interested in geneology, then this is the show for you.  Each week, the show tracks a well-known celebrity as they journey into their family's past. Not only is it interesting to see where each celebrity "came from", but the emotional journey is touching.  Most people's ancestral past is not all wine and roses, and I think it's empowering to see what our/their ancestors went through to shape our own current existence. If you're like me, this show will  peak your interest into your own family's past., an online family history resource, is a sponsor and is  mentioned often on the show-- I'm a little tempted... maybe in my spare time.