Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fabric Easter Basket - Complete!

I finished up my Fabric Easter Basket Wednesday night.  I said earlier that it took me a week to put together, but actually it was only 3 days-- my sense of time is WAY off!  If you didn't see it earlier this week, here's my little sewing/crafting journey.

And here's the finished project--

Not too bad considering that...

1) I don't have a sewing machine and hand-sewed everything...

I really need to invest in a thimble-- yowtch!

2) I really need a book called "Sewing for Dummies" since I know nuttin'.

Wow, this book really exists!

3)  I didn't have a pretty "honey bun"... don't even know exactly what that is... and handcut my material into 1.5 inch strips.

I ♥ my new pinking shears!

4) My kids would only let me work in 5 minute increments... they seem to know how to distract me.

See what I'm dealing with??!! 

So if you're even the slightest bit proficient in sewing/crafting and don't find yourself uttering such wonderful sentiments like "put that down before you poke your eye out!", I'm sure you could knock this out quickly.

I pretty much followed the tutorial, but here's a few changes that I made--

1) I used 4 fabric quarters instead of a "honey bun"~

2)  I hid the stitches as best that I could. Partly because stuff like that bothers me, partly so the kids won't be tempted to pull the stitches out.  Most of the stitches are on the bottom of the basket (I'm thinking of covering it with felt)~

3)  I made the basket wider... 9 circles instead of 6.

4)  When building the walls of the basket I had a hard time keeping the sides straight-- it was starting to take on a honeycomb shape.  So I undid the stitches and started over.  I built the sides of the basket and used some safety pins to loosely hold it together.  I then stitched from the bottom of the basket to the top and back down again, then tied it off.  I did this about 30 times, so it's pretty sturdy and even if a thread breaks, the basket won't fall apart.

One basket down, one more to go!

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