Monday, May 24, 2010

Lego Party - Welcome to Legoland!

We had Smarty Pant's Lego Party this past weekend.  It took a lot of prep, but the kids had a great time and Smarty Pants really enjoyed celebrating his 4th birthday with family and friends.

He was so excited about his birthday this year that for the past couple of weeks he'd wake-up every morning and the first thing out of his mouth was "Is it my birthday yet? Am I four?".  His actual birthday was a few days before the party, so he was so excited when we finally said "Yes, today's your birthday. You're four years old!".  The morning of his party the first thing out of his mouth was "Yay, today's my birthday!.... I turned four at my last birthday, so now I must be five! Wow!".  Aw, gotta love my clever little guy!

So our Lego Party was ready to go when Mother Nature threw us for a loop by deciding to blow some arctic, gale force winds our way.  We had planned for an outdoor party in our backyard, but it turned into a mostly indoor/sometimes outdoor party.  At the end of the day, it turned out just fine and, when the winds did take a little break, it was actually quite comfortable in the sun.

::the invite::

see this post for more detail


our backyard:  a beautiful day, but unfortunately no one could eat outside because of the crazy, cold wind.

::Lego details::

one of the lego box centerpieces

I created a few signs for the entry using this lego font and this website to create a custom lego person

Lego candy dishes & juice boxes - I wanted to make a fun tablescape for each table, but the winds nixed that idea.

close-up of the juice boxes

close-up of the candy "bowls" with Lego-shaped tarts... you can actually build with the candy!

and another close-up of the Lego bowls filled with the tarts and M&M's (I removed the brown ones)

Lego-shaped jello made with a lego ice mold


Lego Racers game:
I set out a couple of art mats with bins of Legos and Lego wheels so the kids could build race cars.

The kids raced them down ramps made from old wood valances-- I saved them when we replaced our window treatment a few months ago.

Throw-a-Brick game:
Lego "bricks" made from styrofoam blocks covered with felt.

::the spread::

on the menu:
fruit, chips & salsa, artichoke spinach dip, jello, stilton cheese & crackers
chinese cabbage salad, cranberry salad


chocolate with nutella frosting & vanilla bean-coconut cupcakes
I topped the cupcakes with lego pieces made from Wilton chocolates & a lego mold.

And lookie, I got to play with Lego too!
We served the cupcakes with vanilla ice cream

::party favors::

the favor bags were filled with haribo brixx gummies, a Lego Racers car, a Lego-shaped glycerin soap (created with a lego shaped silicon mold) and Lego-shaped tarts

didn't want anyone accidentally taking a bite!
i used this lego jelly mold to make the soap brick

::birthday boy::

the birthday boy with his custom shirt and Lego party hat

For the hat, I created the 4 out of  Lego stickers.

I made the Lego shirt using an iron-on transfer that works with ink-jet printers.  I wanted to create a football jersey-type shirt with our last name and the number 4 on the back for Smarty Pants and a bigger version for the Mister with 4.0 (he's almost version 4.0-- ha ha!)... but I ran out of time.  Cest la vie!

the birthday boy enjoying his new ride!
btw, this mini kick scooter is great for a 4 to 5 year olds. this is definitely his favorite outside toy.


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