Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alaskan Cruise - At Sea

If you're planning on going on an Alaskan Cruise then you should know the following...

Very beautiful sights will be seen.
Lots of food will be eaten.
The boat ship will probably rock a wee bit.
Party Central... it is not.
Go south if you want to sip rum concoctions
while basking in the sun,
while being wooed by men in speedos and black socks (true story!).
Not happenin' on an Alaskan Cruise.
The Deck will be empty.
The early show will be crowded.
The Bingo Parlour will be jumpin'
and prunes are available at every meal (true story!)
But if you travel with young children,
They will be doted on
Since there are so very few little people onboard.
If you want to see the last frontier,
This is one of the more comfortable ways to see it.

We went on our cruise back in May and I'm finally ready to post some pics.  These things take time!

I have over 500 photos to weed through, so I thought I'd start with some pictures taken on our 3 days at seaTorture Cruising at its best.  Mark my words-- I will never go on another reposition cruise!

lots of room to run and explore

3 days of choppy seas: 
no wonder there aren't many cruises from los angeles to points north.
14+ foot swells  = my worst nightmare come true.

the boys discovered the popcorn "bar" about 5 minutes into the cruise.
happy vee's new words learned on the cruise:
popcorn, butter, show... he loved the shows!

sunset.  it was freezing on deck. see that spray?  brrrrrrrrrrr...

we were the only crazy people on deck.
the fresh air did us good and the kids enjoyed the "playground".

the afternoon of day 3, as we crossed into Canadian waters, the seas grew calm... phew!  this is more like it!

happy days are here again! ♫♫♪

beautiful clouds

and more beautiful clouds

Next stop:  Juneau