Friday, July 9, 2010

Funny Lil' Man Party - In the Works

Here are a few projects that I've been working on for Happy Vee's Funny Lil' Man birthday party.  All of these projects were very low in cost... more economical than buying even the cheapo stuff.  There are so many wonderful free templates out there in blogland!

Spectacles on a Stick
popsicle stick and free spectacle template

Lips on a Stick
red cardstock and popsicle stick
lip shape was from my

Mustache on a Stick
black felt, dowel and free mustache template

Tie Shirts
plain tee and men's tie
the tshirts were a steal at Nordstroms at $5 each

I enlisted the help of my mom to create the ties.
She cut apart one of The Misters old ties (I saved it from the Goodwill pile) and created 2 mini ties.
The ties are pinned on and can be removed so the shirts can be laundered and used again after the party.

clothespins covered with washi tape

Not exactly sure how, but these will be incorporated into the party.  I made them a while ago, intending to use them in my craft room.  They're so easy to make (how I love washi tape!) that I will make more later.

Mustache Lollipop
lollipop & black cardstock

Smarty Pants was happy to oblige when asked to pose with the mustache lollipop to give the full effect.  We don't call him Smarty Pants for nothin'! 

I'm working on a few more Funny things and will be back later to share!