Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Martha Monday - Paper Party Decor

Paper decor is pretty, economical, and if you store it properly, it can be reused again and again.  I still have some paper bunting and lanterns that are just waiting to be reused.

Here are some paper party decor ideas from the folks at Martha Stewart--
if you have to use paper plates, why not pretty them up with a border punch?  love this idea!

in the right colors, this could easily be decor for a boy's party.  sometimes girls get all the fun stuff!

i think this could be made even easier if you machine sew the circles together

it seems like every girl party and every girl room in blogland has these pom poms hanging somewhere.  of course it originated with martha!

easy and economical

I'll be back later to show some of the projects that I'm working on for Smarty Pant's Police Party.

Have a good one!