Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Police Party ~ In the Works

Here are a few things that I've been working on for Smarty Pant's Police Party.  I was going to wait and show pictures from the actual party, but I've realized that I always manage to miss things when there's a party going on around me.  Sometimes it ain't easy being the official party planner, photographer & host!  :)

It's easy for me to get carried away when I'm planning a party, so I usually try to set-up some party "guidelines" to keep me on track .  Here's the guidelines for this party: 

dessert table set-up:  the tray will be filled with donut holes in cupcake cups

the topper will be placed on the top of the "donut" stand
i strung up 5 stars since we'll be celebrating his 5th birthday.

and 5 stars again...

hmmm... i guess i should make 5 of these too.

I've been having fun creating the simple party decor.  Aside from the star punch and washi tape, I'm using materials that I already have on hand (which is always nice).  I have several more things to work on and will be back later to share.