Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekly Inspiration ~ 7.02.2011

Hello July!  And why, Hello Summer! I knew you were out there somewhere. Yesterday was our first warm hot day of  the season here in Southern California so we decided to enjoy it by heading to the beach.  It was a big event for the kids since it was their first visit to a California beach-- Yes (head down, shuffling feet, sheepish look), we're guilty of not taking advantage of the natural resources in our own backyard.   Anyhow, the kids had a blast and the Mister and I took turns sneaking in a little R & R.  Something's very restorative about listening to crashing waves and breathing in that thick, kelpy air.

So getting on with it... here are some finds that inspired me this week:

  i adore the simple and modern details of this rainbow party
"a picture of a picture from the past in the present"-- neat!  be sure to check out the rest of the photo submissions
via dear photograph :: as seen on that's happy

a pretty and simple diy 3d paper project.  be sure to check out the tutorial. 

chocolate kiwi popsicles... yum!

and last, but not least... i'm smitten with the new allegra hicks collection at west elm. the color palette is right up my alley.

Are you enjoying your weekend?  We're pretty much laying low-- yesterday the beach, today the pool, tomorrow probably the pool again, and Monday a bbq with family to celebrate Independence Day. I know... sounds rough! ;)  It's nice to have a few days of unscheduled bliss though... wish we could do it more often!