Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekly Inspiration ~ 7.15.2011

This week I was inspired by...

diy felt craspedia- i've been wanting to try a felt roving project.. this might be it!
via design*sponge :: tutorial by dans le townhouse

rainbow parties.  can't get enough of them really.
via kara's party ideas (top photo) ::  little.lovely (bottom photo)

this refurbished peacock blue chest (be sure to click through and see the before!)
plastic spoon laurel wreath... who da thunk it?

iced coffee, the perfect hot day pick-me-up. and no, it's not just about adding ice.

Have a wonderful weekend! And if you're in Southern California...Happy Carmageddon! Er, make that "happy stay at home" or "happy better get of of town quick".  It's big news here because they're shutting down a major freeway in the LA Metro area for 53 hours.  You've probably heard about LA's terrible traffic on a regular, non-freeway closure day... Imagine what happens when thousands (millions?) of those cars find alternate routes.... eek!  Yeah, we'll all be happy when it's over.  We're laying low this weekend and staying off the freeways.  Only glitch... The Mister got American Idol tickets (my Mother's Day gift) for tonight... hopefully we'll be able to get back home before they start closing down the on & off ramps.  Shall be interesting!  But I wouldn't miss it for anything... and I'll be able to report back if Scotty is really all that and a bag of chips. :)