Friday, March 1, 2013

[Make] Matryoshka Nesting Eggs // Part 2

So when we last left off, we had covered plastic eggs in pretty paper using the japanese washi technique. See Part 1 to find out how we got this far.

They're pretty on their own, but I think it's time to give them a little personality!

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Matryoshka Nesting Eggs

materials needed:
skin tone card stock for face
brown card stock for hair
origami paper or other light weight printed paper
fine tip non-smudging pens (for facial features)
circle cutter in varying sizes (optional)
assorted paper punches & decorative scissors (optional)
mod podge
flat buttons (to make a stand); can also use hot glue dots, as seen here.
hot glue gun & glue sticks


Cut out your shapes. I used a circle cutter for the face, fine permanent markers for the eyes & lips and crayon for the cheeks.  I used the same size circle cutter for the hair, then trimmed it to make a hairline. Next up... cut out the doll's clothing. I decided to make a hood/shawl and apron for each doll. If you want the design to pop, use contrasting paper for the details. Use decorative punches to add other fun elements-- "ruffles", flowers, hearts, etc.

Since the egg is not a flat surface, you'll need to make a few cuts in the paper so that it lays down nicely. For the face, I made the cuts under the "hairline". Once you glue on the hair, you won't be able to see it.

Work layer by layer and use mod podge to glue everything down. I used the matte finish instead of glossy. Finish up with a nice coat of mod podge to seal everything. Don't be afraid to use your fingers! Luckily it washes off pretty easily.

When the mod podge is dry, glue on the "feet". I used flat buttons and also hot glue dots. For the hot glue dots, you use a hot glue gun to make dots on parchment paper. When they harden, they make great, almost invisible feet.

Hope you're having a nice Friday!  The kids have the day off from school so we are on our way to see the Endeavour Space Shuttle. They are so excited! I'll be sure to share some photos.

Have a nice weekend!

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