Monday, February 4, 2013

[Make] Glass Bubble Vases

I like the idea of a bunch of small vases lined up on a window sill. However, the last thing I need is to be buying more "things", so I decided to use something that many of us already have on hand (probably sitting in a bin right now).

It is pretty and simple on its own...

Or it can be jazzed up a little...

You probably have guessed what I used for these little vases...

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Yep, those things that you just packed away a few weeks ago.  :)  Here's how to turn them into vases.

Glass Bubble Ornament Vases

Materials needed:
sphere ornaments with removable tops - I used clear, but colorful ones would be pretty too.
parchment paper
glue gun and glue sticks
tacky glue or other adhesive such as clear caulking or glass glue.
stained glass paint (optional)
sequins (optional)

Sphere ornaments. I used both glass and plastic spheres. Remove the top.

On the smooth side of parchment paper, make glue dots using your hot glue gun. It's a little hard to control size, so I made a bunch and selected 5 that were similar in size. The glue dots should easily pop off the parchment paper.

Use adhesive to attach the glue dot "feet" to the bottom of the vase. I used tacky glue so that I could still adjust the feet before it dried. If you want something extra permanent, use glass glue or clear caulking.

The little bubble vase standing on its own. You can leave it as is, or you can decorate it.

I had some stained glass paint left over from another project. The gallery glass paint is easy to work with and makes really good dots and drips. More glass decorating ideas here. If you don't like your design, just peel it off once it's dry.

I also used sequins to decorate some of the vases. I just glued on the sequins with a little tacky glue.

The great thing about these vases is that they can easily become ornaments again. Just pop on the top. I don't think I would even bother removing the feet. That way they can serve two purposes... always good in my book.  :)

Aren't these pink camellias lovely? It's nice to have something in bloom this time of year.

Have a lovely week ahead.