Monday, August 19, 2013

Fashion // Fall Flair 2013

What do you think of this year's Fall trends? I'm not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, but Fall is my favorite season and I usually find myself crushing on the fashions that come along with falling leaves, cooling temps and darker color palettes.  Here are just a few fall pretties that caught my eye.

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Fall 2013 Trends

Green (from emerald to military) // skirt via anthropologie
Navy // dress via jcrew
Grey // pullover via anthropologie
Copper Eyeshadow // nars duo eyeshadow via sephora
Vampy Lipstick// smashbox black cherry via sephora; I have this cognac lipstick and think it's a great fall color that can be worn as an "every day" lipstick.
Pointy-toe Pumps // nicholas kirkwood pump via nordstrom
Animal Print // loafer via anthropologie 

And, just for fun, here are a few trends that I probably won't be following this season...

peplum - Pretty, but I just can't do it. If you're short, and the peplum is prominent, it makes you look preggers. And if you're tall and the peplum doesn't hit in the right place, it looks like Judy Jetson. My favorite peplums are the ones that are flat and don't look like peplums. So yeah, why bother?? Plus it dates the look... Pass.

boxy outerwear - Not good for the 5'4 and under set. Unless it's Halloween and I'm going as a 1970's tv set.

houndstooth - My first suit was houndstooth... The year? 1994.  I just can't do it again.

braids - Good in theory, looks great on the runway and red carpet... Makes me look like I'm trying to be 12. Plus, I can't braid my own hair without it looking like a hot mess. Pass!