Thursday, August 29, 2013

Inspiration // Back to School!

In the spirit of "Back to School", I've pulled together some fun inspiration that brings me back to the good ol' days of jumping rope, standard lined paper and pencil boxes. Do you remember how you felt at the beginning of each new school year? For me it was a combination of excitement and anxiety mixed in with the promise of new beginnings. Not to mention the joyful anticipation of wearing a  brand spanking new pair of shoes... Exciting times!

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1. vintage jump rope via tribute 212
2. tape measure pencil case via siam square
3. moleskin notebook via alfamarama
4. vintage school map via just smashing darling
5. vintage lunch pail via underground astoria
6. vintage pencil sharpener via to every season
7. lined paper pillow case via pilosale
8. 1st day of school pencils via rowhouse14
9. ruler washi tape via kawaii goodies

So I'm all inspired by back to school, and yet, my kids are still on summer vacation! While our family loves the unscheduled bliss of summer, It. Is. Time. It is going to be a busy Fall for us, but sometimes a schedule is good for the soul... not to mention my sanity. Just one more week to go!