Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Make // Fabric Pinecone - Toile

I took a month off from crafting and wasn't going to make any Fall projects, but then I started thinking about pinecones... I love pinecones! So I eeked this one out last Saturday between two soccer games and a baseball practice. Sometimes a little pressure helps the creative process. :)

I've made pinecones before-- this lace one, this felt one, and this muslin fabric one... So this time I combined a few techniques and came up with yet another version of a fabric pinecone.

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Toile Fabric Pinecone

materials needed:
small swatch of fabric (enough to cut-out 130, 2-cm teardrop shapes) - I used toile
fabric scissors
plastic egg (or other egg form) - mine measures 3.5-inches
hot glue gun


Choose your fabric. I used a Waverly toile in cream/dark brown that I found at Joanns in the drapery section.

Cut out a teardrop-shaped template. For a 3.5" egg, I used a teardrop that measures 2 cm tall.

From your fabric, cut out around 130 teardrop shapes and one 2-inch square.

Cut a small slit on each side of the square and, using a hot glue gun, glue the center of the square to the tip of the egg (smallest end). Glue down each side of the square, overlapping as needed.

Now it's time to add the "petals" of the pinecone. Put a small dot of hot glue on the tip of the teardrop shape.

Start at the covered top of the egg and glue down each petal. I used 5 teardrops to form the tip of the pinecone.

Continue to glue down each petal, layering and spacing as evenly as possible.

When you reach the base of the egg form, you can either leave it plain or add a hanger. I decided to add a hanger and used suede cord. I knotted the cord and glued it to the end of the pinecone. I covered the knot with my last teardrop shape.

Ruffle your pinecone's petals and it's ready for display!

I didn't really consider the pattern when I was gluing down each piece, but subconsciously I made sure not to lump all the brown or white pieces together in one spot. I really like how it turned out though. From afar, this reminds me of a pinecone with a light dusting of snow...

Wouldn't these also look lovely for a Thanksgiving table setting?

So now that I'm back in the creative groove, I have another pinecone project in the works. Stay tuned!

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