Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[Make] Felt Pinecones

I have a few dozen ornaments that I'm in the midst of restyling.  Most are a strange peachy gold color that I'm "upgrading" to white and silver.  

Last year I used felt to make some fluffy "snow ball" ornaments and I really liked how they turned out--

click here for more detail on the felt snow balls

However, since I only made three, I thought a few more wool ornaments were in order. Instead of snow balls, though, I thought  a few felt pinecones would be a nice addition to the tree.

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Felt Pinecone Tutorial
based upon this tutorial by martha stewart

materials needed:
wool felt
old ornaments
glue (I used tacky glue)

cut out a wavy pattern onto a long 1.5 inch wide strip of felt,
72 inches long

starting at one end of the felt strip, roll up it up into a cone shape, gluing each section down. 
stop when the base of the ornament can fit securely into the cone.

liberally apply glue onto the base of the ornament...

then place the ornament onto the cone and press down.  
adjust the tip of the cone so it has the shape that you like 
(i like mine more rounded, so i smashed it down pretty good).

cut notches into the felt strip (every inch or so) to give it some flexibility and ensure a tight fit around the ornament.  
continue to glue & wrap, glue & wrap, glue & wrap until the ornament is completely covered.

trim the top so that the ornament top fits on securely.

this took me less than 10 minutes to assemble from start to finish... not too bad for a DIY project :)

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