Saturday, February 22, 2014

This Week // 2.22.14

The last few weeks have been a flurry of games (baseball and basketball), parties (team and birthday), school events and moving. Yes moving, but probably not what you're thinking. I haven't had much time to really reflect upon anything, but I thought I'd share some photos.

My 5 year old's first baseball practice. In that gear, he looks exactly like my 7 year old. Now I get why everyone confuses them… although c'mon, they don't really look THAT much alike. Okay fine. Maybe they do...

Our school's bowling night. I set up the dessert table. Right up my alley… Ha!

My youngest's Kindergarten play. He recited a passage from The Little Engine That Could and segued into a dance routine. This kid loves to dance!

The boys' last basketball games. They both improved and got a lot of cardio. Always a plus in my book.

Tonight is my oldest's team party for his travel ball team. He's been playing ball continuously since September and is now rolling into Spring ball… which in California really begins in the Winter. Ah, hello? Mama needs a break! Anyhow, I had fun helping put together the party. I applied some of the same techniques used for the bowling party. When it works, you stick with it!

This week we did a turn-around trip to San Diego to clear out the condo that we've had for the past seven years. It wasn't our full-time home, but we had a lot of wonderful memories there. In fact, it's where my now almost 8 year old first learned how to crawl and where the boys spent countless hours playing hoops (in the hallway) and playing impromptu nerf football games. It's been harder and harder to get down there, so we decided to rent it out fully furnished… dishes and all. I know it won't be quite the same if we ever decide to use it again, so I took a bunch of photos… If anything to capture the "before". Hope the renters treat it well!

When we cleared out the condo, it was 75% toys! The back of my car was stuffed to the max with baby toys (Little People and tons of hot wheels) and even infant seats and ride-on toys. Now all of that "junk" is sitting in my living room. Boo! So you know what I'll be doing next week...

Have a good rest of the weekend!