Sunday, March 2, 2014

Make // St. Patrick's Day Conversation Bottles

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? While we're 100% not-Irish, we're still a family that loves corned beef & cabbage, leprechaun & rainbows, and pretty much anything green & gold.

Here's a festive way to serve up beverages for St. Paddy's. The bottles can hold a special tonic or, in our case, chilled water. And if flat water is not your thing, just remove the labels on some new Pellegrino or sparkling cider bottles and start decorating. Or, if you want smaller bottles, there always green beer bottles as well. Any way you serve it up, these conversation bottles will add a bit of flair to your tabletop on March 17th.

Click "Read more" for the Free Printable & Tutorial

DIY St. Patrick's Day Conversation Bottles

materials needed:
green bottles… new with labels removed or clean upcycled bottles (these formerly held apple cider from Trader Joes)
contact paper or vinyl
alcohol ink applicator (if using alcohol ink)
rubbing alcohol (if using alcohol ink)
nail polish remover (if using nail polish)
clear sealant (optional) - I used mod podge dishwasher safe formula
cotton swabs

1. Print out the free template and, using scissors, cut out each word… NOT each letter. Just checking if you're paying attention. :)
2. Staple or tape the template to a sheet of contact paper.
3. Using a craft knife, carefully cut out each letter. 
4. Adhere the contact paper to the front of the bottle.

5. Use gold alcohol ink or gold nail polish to paint the letters. For more information about using alcohol ink with an applicator, see this post.
6. If desired, apply a sealant before removing contact paper. I suggest one that is waterproof if you're going to serve liquids in the bottles.
7. Quickly remove the contact paper. Voila!
8. To correct any errors, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol (if you used alcohol ink) or nail polish remover (if you used nail polish).

Slainte! (Health! or Cheers!)