Monday, April 28, 2014

Grow // Raising Succulents Indoors

A few weeks ago I shared my faux diy succulent alongside some real succulents that I keep on my window sill. I received a few emails from folks wondering how I manage to keep them alive indoors. So, I thought I'd offer up my succulent-raising advice. I've kept mine alive for almost 5 years… hence, I am an Expert. Okay, not really. I've had my share of plant casualties and I've learned a thing or two over the years.

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How to Keep Succulents Alive Indoors

aloe vera | spiky agave ? | zebra cactus | egg carton poser | aloe variety

Tip #1:  If you want your succulents to live for awhile with minimal effort, for the best results, choose the spiky varieties like aloe vera, zebra cactus and agave. If you're not into spikes, I've heard that the non-spiky jade plant does okay indoors… that'll be my next victim project.

Tip #2: Go green. Although the succulents with silver, purple and orange leaves are pretty and unique, chances are that they won't survive for long indoors.

Tip #3: Place them in the sunniest window of your house. They do really well on my west-facing window sill which gets the strong afternoon sun.

Tip #4: Forget to water them for a couple of weeks or so. If you have the itch to water them more often, then leave at least 10 days before watering. The soil should be allowed to completely dry out before watering again.

Tip #5: Just a drizzle of water please. Like 2-3 tablespoons during the dormant winter months. More water is okay during the spring & summer months when the plant is growing. Don't over do it though, and make sure the soil is dry before watering again.

Tip #6: If you're going to repot the plant, amend the potting soil with perlite.

And I'm sure there are more tips out there… but that's all I got.

Happy Planting!