Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Week // 4.17.2014

I haven't worn a skirt like this in years… This one is HOT!

24 people apply for the world's toughest job… If you haven't seen this yet. You must!

I already bought our easter egg dye kits, but maybe next year I'll dye some eggs blue the organic way.

Eyelet dresses are usually *too sweet* for my taste. But this one, in black, is the exception… Va-voom! Plus it's currently 40% off…

This reminds me of the seventies, but lately I've been intrigued by these wooly tapestries. Perhaps they aren't as scary without the avocado shag carpet and orange laminate countertops?

Do you ever do "art therapy" as a form of relaxation-- Like coloring mandalas or knitting? I love this idea of creative meditation while making washi tape art.

Did you see the Blood Moon earlier this week? If not, there's another chance to see one later this year. We had a great view from our home, but I only got one *slightly* decent photo of the partial eclipse. I have a regular camera with a regular lens so none of the photos of the total eclipse turned out. It was an eerie sight and worth staying up late for.

Have a cool weekend!