Thursday, August 7, 2014

This Week // 8.07.2014

beautiful sunsets this week…
but thankfully the humidity broke and we're back to dry 80's. phew!

We have a month left of summer break and I feel like time is just speeding by. I find it interesting that many schools have already started or will start within the next week or two. It seems like schools are starting earlier each year… Remember the good o' days when school would start mid or late September? I'm not sure how I feel about school getting out in May and starting in July/August, but all I know is that right now we're not physically or mentally prepared, so I'm grateful for the extra few weeks!

Things I liked this week…

A cool DIY leather-wrapped console table.

Vans are back! Or did they ever leave? I may need these cool kicks. If anything to relive my skateboarding days. ;)

Underwater photography tips.

I'm not really a watch person, but… wow!

Toile… it's making a come-back!

We're finally getting around to doing some home improvements around here. I'm a decorating scaredy-cat so I'm starting with the easiest room-- our guest room. It's getting new charcoal gray drapes and this bedding. It's a start!

After trying on way too many hats-- too floppy, too wide, too summery… I finally found my hat for Fall. It keeps the sun off my face and, although it looks like wool, it's light and airy.

Have a great weekend!