Thursday, August 21, 2014

This Week // 8.21.2014

We are back from our annual trip to Oregon. It was eleven days of amazing. We spent 7 days in Portland and 4 days in Central Oregon. This wasn't a super fancy or highly planned out trip, but it was perfect for us-- Quality time with great friends and many, many children… nine in all! And those nine kids (7 boys, 2 girls) got along splendidly. We hung out a lot, bbq'd a lot, played a lot. It was just what we needed.

Now we're home and the back to school, back to routine, back to work, back to everything, is in full swing. It's all good though. This has been one of the best summers on record for us. It's a combination of the kids being a little older (no nap schedules to adhere to, no major meltdowns) and also me being better at planning and finding the right mix of busy and downtime. Ah summer...

So, besides laundry, here's what's going on this week--

You know those tees and sweatshirts with French saying? I still like 'em.

Oh dear, dear, dear… They one-upped cookie butter. Already on my shopping list.

I think it's inane to worship athletes and celebrities, but I'm okay with my kids looking up to this humble guy. A good read for the 8+ crowd. This is the kids' edition, but there's also one for teens/adults.

After a decade of being a strictly pants kinda gal, I'm ready for a change. I may have found the perfect skirt-- not too frumpy, not too frilly. Just right.

You're looking for a Natural Dyes Chart, right? Sure you are. This one is cute and useful for a future project.

I've always wondered what to do with these drawers. Now I know.

Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe? I always feel better when I simplify… Consider me intrigued.

Fall shoes… Oooh. Currently 20% off.

Happy Weekend!