Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just for Fun - Make-up

I'm a Make-up girl.  Have been since the days of baby powder scented Tickle deodorant, Bonne Belle Lip Smackers, and royal blue Wet &Wild eyeliner-- do those still exist?  I have many fond memories of roaming the aisles of Drug Emporium with my girlfriends, scoping out the cosmetic aisles with pre-teen anticipation and searching for the best price-- back then, they used a manual sticker price tag and... well, lets just say that they were very inconsistent with their prices.  So fast forward several years, and even as a mom with a kidcentric schedule, I still do love my cosmetics.  I may have bad hair days, or have on a top with Happy Vee goo on it, but doggone it, I never leave the house without "My Face" on!

These days I usually buy makeup only once or twice a year-- Sephora's Friends & Family event in November when I stock-up on all the essentials and sometimes I'll pick up a "must have" if I can find a good deal (at least 20% off) online.

Here are my latest Favs, in no particular order--

Smashbox Eye Wish Palette
Whoa! Since it's a limited edition, on sale for only $33 with free shipping on the Smashbox site

I love Smashbox cosmetics, especially their eyeshadows, cream liners and lipsticks, but the Look Book that comes with this palette is worth the $33 alone!  I've actually gotten compliments on some of my "eye" looks-- wowza!

BareMinerals foundation by Bare Escentuals
Love this stuff-- full coverage, yet doesn't looked caked-on and has SPF to boot.  I find it works even better with the kabuki and concealer brushes.  I also use the mineral veil powder which I like to dust on first to set, then a layer of foundation powder, then another layer of powder to seal.  Aside from the occasional mess (I've dropped these suckers a few times), it's a great product.

Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinke Eye Cream
The name says it all.  It's very moisturizing, yet can be worn day or night.  I don't have a problem with it messing with my eyeliner, so I wear it during the day too.  My favorite part though is the teeny tiny applicator that keeps fingers and germs out of the pot of gold eye cream. Stay Away wrinkles!!!

Make Up For Ever: Full Cover Concealer

After having two beautiful children, no one told me that I would be "gifted" with hyperpigmentation too.  I've been told that it's supposed to go away, but almost 2 years later... I still have several dark spots hanging around.  I guess they're called "sun spots" or, ahem, "age spots", but I just call them "freckles gone wild".   This stuff is great.  Wouldn't recommend it for under-eye circles since it's pretty drying, but for the "freckles", it works great!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

If I don't have time for make-up, I'll at the VERY LEAST curl my eyelashes... Makes all the difference in the world. This one is so much better than the drugstore variety.  I think it's partly the design and partly the silicone cushion that doesn't fall apart like the rubber piece in the cheaper models.

Lip Treatments

I couldn't pick just one, so these are my 3 favorites.  They are all different, but work so well.  Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm leaves a minty tingle on my lips and keeps them smooth and hydrated.  The Mister is a fan and always carries one in his pocket.  In the summer, I use the Smashbox Lip Treatment because it has SPF built-in.  It really does cure dry, chapped lips and has a light honey smell to boot-- yum!  Lately I've been gravitating toward my Rosebud Salve.  My lips have been ultra dry and when I put it on before bed, I wake-up with happy lips.  Really happy lips, actually.   It's a classic for good reason and apparently is the "secret weapon" for many stars... that's what I read in InStyle, anyhow.

Liz Earle Super Skin Moisturiser
I'm usually not impressed by face cream, but this stuff is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!   Unsolicited, even my mom commented on how smooth and soft my skin looked one day.  I stumbled on this by accident when The Mister and I were at a charity dinner and I placed a bid during the silent auction.  I won a kit worth over $200 for a mere $40.  Apparently Liz Earle is all the rage in England and is only available in a few select stores in the US.  Lucky for me, she has an online store because I need to stock up pronto!

If one can lust after a scent, then this one does it for me.  Apparently I'm not the only one because when I went to my local Macy's, the store display bottle was empty.  When I asked to try the perfume, the sale person pulled out a full bottle that she had hidden behind the counter-- Apparently many of the employees were treating themselves to a daily Madamoiselle spritz and it was more economical just to hide the lovely stuff.  Yes, it's that good.