Friday, August 27, 2010

EWG - Cosmetic Safety Database

We're a family with sensitive skin-- eczema, dry skin, allergic reaction to many chemicals as well as synthetic materials... we're a dermatologist's Dream Team! 

Whenever I buy new products for the kids, I always make sure to run it by the awesome Cosmetic Safety Database provided by EWG (Environmental Working Group).

However, when it comes to myself, I'm always one to check things out AFTER making the purchase.  Recently I was tooling around the database and started "researching" several products that I use pretty regularly.   I'm happy to find that most made the grade.

My favorite products that rank well...

California Baby Sunscreen
It's greasy stuff, and the kids look like little "ghosts" after I apply it, but it works well and is the only sunscreen that doesn't cause Happy Vee to break-out in red welts.

California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash 
This stuff smells lovely, is paraben-free, lasts a long time and cleans the boys well... "cleans well" is key with my boys!

 bareMinerals foundation
 I've been using this foundation for years and am pretty happy with it.  I love the new dispenser which helps to contain the mineral dust storm (you know what I mean if you use mineral foundations). It does tend to sweat-off on hot days, but I think the same can be said for many foundations. The additional 15 SPF protection is nice to have too.
I mentioned her products before and love this moisturizer!  And how cool are they for mailing me some free product from England.... I was really surprised since my last purchase was almost a year ago!


I'll be the first to admit that the "healthier" products don't always provide the same results as those that are swimming with chemicals.

I have yet to find a good facial sunscreen for myself that is low in chemicals and that doesn't make me look like (1) an oil slick or (2) a professional mime.

I live in overly sunny So Cal and need an SPF of 40+ to combat the melasma (aka pregnancy mask that refuses to leave even though I'm 2+ years postpartum), so I need the real deal;  None of the wimpy  "moisturizer with sunscreen" stuff.  I need staying power!  If I can't find the time to reapply chapstick, there's no way that I'll be reapplying sunscreen 2-3 times a day!

The same goes for organic shampoos and conditioners... I've tried several, but none quite match up to my beloved Biolage (which ranks from moderate to hazardous, depending on how ambitious the product claims to be).

I have thick, long hair with a little wave, but the organic stuff turns it to starchy frizz.  I lived with frizzy hair for a while, but couldn't take it anymore and am currently using Dove's Moisture Therapy Shampoo and Matrix's Sleek.Look Smoothing Conditioner-- both are moderate risk, but I don't have to add extra product to my hair to make it look presentable, so it's a happy medium.

Any tried and true products out there that are low on the chemical totem pole?  I'm all ears!