Sunday, August 22, 2010

To the Tea

Summer is taking a toll on me... I started off all gung-ho with lots of energy and tons of activities planned... and now I'm just plain tuckered out.  Okay, I'm going to say it-- Am I the only one counting down until school starts?

I adore my boys, but the screams of "Mine! Mine! Mine!" and "He hit me!"  and "He's not sharing!" and "Brother, bad boy!" and "Mommy, put him in timeout!"-- Well, it makes for a loooooooong and tiring day...

I used to be able to survive on just one cup of coffee in the morning, but that isn't enough anymore.  I still drink my one cup of coffee (kowtow to the lovely Keurig), but drink Green Tea for the rest of the day.  A punch of caffeine AND some antioxidant benefits too?  I'm all there!

Here are my favs that get me through the day~

A great alternative to coffee

This reminds me of something you have at a spa... instant relaxation... even as the kids are playing handball against the tv... It's my Calgon!

 Yamamotoyama Genmai Cha (green tea and roasted brown rice)
This is great to sip with dinner

Another good dinner tea

And, in case you're wondering, three more weeks until school starts!