Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Million Dollar Frame

Here's a quick and easy project that can easily be done in one evening.  To go along with the Around-the-World theme for Happy Vee's Room, I wanted something unique and travel-related.  And I only had to look as far as my junk drawer!

During our move last year, I unearthed a bag of old foreign coins that we've collected over the years.  Most are pre-Euro or currency of countries that we will not be visiting in the near future-- As much as we love to travel, we are not the patient souls who take their young offspring on farflung adventures across the globe... I'm still having flashbacks from our 2 hour flight home from Portland.  So yeah... these coins will be better served as decoration.

Supplies needed--
cheap frame
currency (doesn't have to be foreign... pennies would be neat too)
hot glue gun
ketchup (yes, ketchup)

 Collect dirty coins in a bowl...

I cleaned them up a bit using...

Stir and let sit for 5 minutes...
mmm... now if that isn't appetizing, I don't know what is!

Wash them off...
Bright & Shiny coins!

I dried them off and glued them down using a hot glue gun...

I'm all about quick and easy projects. I'm working on a frame for Smarty Pant's room and will be back later to post about it!

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