Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Million Dollar Frame

Here's a quick and easy project that can easily be done in one evening.  To go along with the Around-the-World theme for Happy Vee's Room, I wanted something unique and travel-related.  And I only had to look as far as my junk drawer!

During our move last year, I unearthed a bag of old foreign coins that we've collected over the years.  Most are pre-Euro or currency of countries that we will not be visiting in the near future-- As much as we love to travel, we are not the patient souls who take their young offspring on farflung adventures across the globe... I'm still having flashbacks from our 2 hour flight home from Portland.  So yeah... these coins will be better served as decoration.

Supplies needed--
cheap frame
currency (doesn't have to be foreign... pennies would be neat too)
hot glue gun
ketchup (yes, ketchup)

 Collect dirty coins in a bowl...

I cleaned them up a bit using...

Stir and let sit for 5 minutes...
mmm... now if that isn't appetizing, I don't know what is!

Wash them off...
Bright & Shiny coins!

I dried them off and glued them down using a hot glue gun...

I'm all about quick and easy projects. I'm working on a frame for Smarty Pant's room and will be back later to post about it!

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  2. that is fantastic, i love it all. that's such a great idea, and a great quote. now what about paper money?

  3. Amanda - Thanks for the feature! My goodness you have a lot of great ideas on your site! I subscribed via Google Reader. Thanks again!!

    the cape on the corner - hmmm... paper money. Definitely wouldn't glue it or cut it in any way... Maybe frame it, or "origami" it... just in case it might come in handy again some day. :)

  4. That is super clever!! It's such a great way to display all the places you've been:)
    Who knew ketchup??!!
    Visiting from justsewsassy.com
    Come by and check out my fun giveaway!!

  5. Now I have a fabulous idea for my bowl of coins from our travels...Happy Day

  6. I have a bag of coins I bring home... then next trip, I forget to take. AND... I have ketchup!
    The rest is a trip to the dollar store :-)
    Come join our friday's favorites~ so I'll know where to find you again. Thanks bunches :-)

  7. I love this idea! My husband has given our kids tons of coins from his frequent travels....we'll have to try this. Best part is the glue gun glue peels off if you ever want to use the coins as actual currency! Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a great way to display leftover coins. And I love the quote! I am hosting a link party on my blog this weekend about words/quotes (The Weekend Word Search). Please consider stopping by! Your project would be a great addition.

  9. Faboulous idea. Now I know what to do with my old coins!

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