Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Naturally Easter

I'd been eyeing the packages of decorative moss that I had purchased for my mom's birthday party last year.  I wanted to use it for a project, but I really don't have a use for moss-covered bird houses,  pots, or even a monogram... And then I had an A-ha! moment (gotta love those!) and this Moss Easter Banner was born.

I think it's the right touch for our family room mantel.  It's eye-catching and accents the bird and butterfly decor that I already have in place.

What You'll Need:
heavy card stock & computer/printer OR  pre-cut banner/ letters
sheet moss
tacky glue
hot glue gun

The Tutorial:
Choose a simple font and print out your letters onto heavy card stock.  I used Tahoma at 350 font size to create 3.5 inch letters. 

**You can skip this step if you have a Cricut or other personal cutter.  Also, if you can find a cheap pre-made banner at a party store (you know the ones where the letters are cut out of cardboard and attached together?), that would also be a quick "cheat".  :)

Cut out your letters.  Then, using the card stock letters as a guide, cut out the letters onto your sheet moss.
Glue your sheet moss letters onto your card stock letters.  I used Tacky Glue since that stuff never fails. This will reinforce the letters and make them sturdy enough for hanging.
Spray the moss letters with Acrylic Sealer.  This will keep the moss from shedding and making a mess in your home.
If you'd like, embellish your moss letters.  I used some inexpensive silk flowers.

Using a hot glue gun, glue your finished letters to twine, or some other type of string.
{oops, sorry... I forgot to take a picture!}

Now you're ready to hang up your banner!

close-up of the mossy detail...

from the left...

from the right...

and a full fireplace shot... gosh I really need to paint that brass!

And as you probably already figured...
{more Moss projects coming up!}

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