Saturday, March 5, 2011

Scrabble Wall Art

After stalling out for several months, I finally finished the Scrabble Wall Art for our bonus room (aka the playroom). Yahoo!
i'm a sucker for scrabble and anything 3-D...

at first, I was just going to hang the letters... but the beige tiles got lost on our beige walls.

i created the "scrabble board" by painting black lines on a canvas.  i then added color by cutting textured paper into 4 inch squares and gluing it down with modge podge.

the scrabble tiles are 4 inch canvases.  i spraypainted them and added letters cut from black vinyl. i lost my cricut usb cord (aargh!), so i ended up enlarging the letters from actual scrabble tiles and hand-cutting them.  not as good as the cricut, but it works!  i glued the "tiles" on with gorilla glue, since it's supposed to be pretty amazing stuff. this will be the true test!

The words were inspired by the motto of our favorite museum, the New Children's Museum-  think, play, create... then I changed it a little so that it would fit on my scrabble board-- play, create, learn.  I like those words and especially like the idea that you can learn while still having a fun and creative experience. Canvases can be pricey, so I waited until they went on super sale.  I paid $20 for the large canvas and $15 for the smaller squares.  So $35 total-- not too bad for a large scale wall art.

Can't wait to get it hung up!

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