Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I love this attic... would it be possible for me to lock myself in there for a day or so?

I'm having one of THOSE weeks. 

My week started off with Smarty Pants, my usually conscientious almost-5 year old, having a complete "I have NO idea whose kid that is!" meltdown at Costco.  Right in the bread aisle, which is at the back of the store.... which meant I had to drag said screaming child through the entire warehouse along with a 2nd child who was sympathy crying.    The reason for the drama?  Wait for it-- sweet bread rolls.  In a normal store, no problemo.  But at Costco?  No way I'm buying a pack of 48 rolls!  He'd eat 1 roll and since Happy Vee and The Mister don't really like sweet bread, I'd be left to eat the remaining 47...  For some reason, he was not having my reasoning. ;)  [By the way, he did end up with his sweet bread rolls... purchased at Ralphs. He was still going on-and-on about it several hours after the Costco incident. Good grief is that child persistent!]

Then, I must've angered the computer gods.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that our main computer (aka big bertha) was at the "doctors".  Turns out she had a nasty virus and I just got her back last Friday.  Well today, the hard drive in "lil lucy", my old, rusty laptop crapped-out, and I can't access any of my photos.  This would be fine, except "big bertha"  is evidently still not well because, for some reason, I can't access my blog ... So I had to upload photos on one computer, then run over to the other computer to write this post. 

So this is basically a long way of letting you know that my posting will be a little sparse until my sanity returns and the berthas & lucys in my life are well (or replaced!).  Oh, and not related, but my Kindle just died too!   If you treasure your technology, you best not be coming over to my house!  (kidding... I think...)

Hope you're having a nice week!