Friday, June 24, 2011

♫♫♪ Everything is Coming Up Bu-bbles ♫♫♪

It's hard to believe, but Happy Vee's 3rd birthday is next month.  I feel like it was just a couple of months ago that I was planning his Funny Lil' Man Party...Time is sure flying by quickly! 

He's still my funny lil' man, full of energy, smiles and a bit of mischief.  Some things have changed-- he's grown quite a bit and weighs the same as his 5 year old brother, he has many more words and now says stuff like "brother made me do it" and "I dunno, it happens sometimes" and, although I didn't think it possible, he has a LOT more energy.  

However, some things have not changed-- He's still mama's boy and will randomly call out "I love you mommy!" throughout the day (aww!);  He gives great, big hugs; He still doesn't know his colors... has me a little worried at times;  He absolutely ADORES his big brother and watches him like a hawk, impersonates him and basically is his little shadow; His favorite things are play doh, balloons and.... BUBBLES!

He actually surprised me when he asked for a bubble birthday party. I didn't think he'd have a strong preference and was thinking about a Mo Willem-inspired  Pigeon theme, you know... with hot dogs (he loves the pigeon books!), but after his request, there was really no question that Happy Vee would have a Bubble Birthday Party!

So the party planning has officially begun!  Here's where I'm at so far...
i've a feeling that many, many more circles are in my future....