Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Up-organize ~ from Paper Towels to...

Pretty Duct Tape
and the not-so-pretty, but very functional, scotch tape
Up-organize = Upcycle + Organization tool
(aka get organized without buying more stuff)

I've had this cheap, cheap, cheap paper towel holder for years.  When we moved a couple of years ago, I "rediscovered" it and decided to transform it into something useful.  Since it's lightweight & flimsy, it made a horrible paper towel holder... but it works really well as a tape organizer.  And it's kinda nice that everything is in one place. For some reason, my scotch tape has a habit of wandering and this contraption keeps it all together-- no more going crazy when I'm doing a last-minute gift wrap!
have you seen all the pretty duct tape that's out there?

fun for crafts (kid's flame frame)...

and also gift wrap

it's also nice having the tape out and ready for use.
if i stored it away in a container, i'd forget to use it!

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Hope you're having a wonderful week!