Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh Martha Monday - Summer

What does summer mean to you?

for me, summer means...
long hot days...
preferably at a beach... with white, clean sand... did i mention secluded?
(wha??... okay, i'll take an occasional ocean breeze...)

wonderful balmy evenings

sweet, juicy fruit-- the kind that dribbles down your chin and stains your clothes

the thick, sweet smell of jasmine in the air

something cool and refreshing to devour

relaxing without guilt, usually with a "guilty" book in hand

the smell of something delicious smoking on the grill

happily barefoot, good for both the sole and soul :)

and, just to keep it real, this summer also means... potty training!  unfortunately, i couldn't find any tips from martha, but i did find this article for puppies (some of the same rules apply... i'm kidding... sorta.)

Have a "cool" Monday!